Creative skills

LAFAYETTE DMC is able to offer you a range of resources and professionals, from occasional support to the comprehensive management of your project.


is the dedicated person designing your program. There are 10 Project Designers operating within LAFAYETTE DMC. They are in charge of creating comprehensive programs that cater to the desires and needs of our clients. LAFAYETTE DMC’s experience in the French/Monaco territories, along with established local connections built over the years, allows us to open doors and create innovative and exclusive experiences.


Their role goes above and beyond the simple organization: they are the architects who craft tailor-made programs in France and Monaco to match your needs and expectations.

1. Unparalleled Customization

LAFAYETTE DMC’s Project Designers understand that each group is unique, with specific preferences, goals, and needs. They work closely with you to design an authentic and unique experience.

2. Local Expertise

France and Monaco hold no secrets for them. With 38 years of experience, LAFAYETTE DMC has solidified relationships with local partners. Our teams frequently embark on scouting missions to update their knowledge of French destinations.

3. Privileged Access

Thanks to their extensive network of partners and local contacts, Project Designers can provide exclusive access and unique experiences that usual travelers couldn’t obtain. This may include private tours of iconic sites, tastings of rare dishes, or even meetings with local personalities.

According to Céline, Project Designer at LAFAYETTE DMC since 2003,

We specialize in crafting unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. From charming Montmartre cafes to secret strolls in Le Marais, we curate personalized journeys that will linger in your guests’ memory. Unlock the hidden gems of Paris with private tours, exclusive venues, and insider experiences, revealing the city’s true essence.
Let’s create a Parisian masterpiece together – your unforgettable program awaits!


is the guardian of your event brand. He intervenes in the creative aspect from the conception phase. It is his responsibility to create a visual identity for you, but also for all your projects. From drawings to graphics, he masters every aspect of his expertise. As a true professional, he is also an audiovisual specialist, fully able to develop the storyboard for your video products.


Creating an event always involves conveying a message to your audience. The role of the Artistic Designer is to understand the nature of this message and bring it to life. LAFAYETTE DMC relies on a network of professionals with extensive experience in these fields. Depending on the nature of your project, we select the most suitable Artistic Director. He will create an environment, an ambiance that will make your message unforgettable for your guests.

According to Jean Fajon, a partner of LAFAYETTE DMC since 2003,

An Artistic Director combines creativity, understanding of client needs, and communication skills to create original and memorable experiences for various types of events. Their role is to create a creative concept that expresses and enhances the nature of the message to be conveyed, and to design a scenographic environment in line with a lasting brand universe or a more ephemeral vision to be shared. An Artistic Director must be aware of the latest trends in design, technology, and user experience to give the space the most coherent tone based on the chosen direction. Always with an extreme attention to detail in the background, which often makes the difference in the perceived sensation by participants, who should leave with the feeling of having experienced a unique and exceptional moment.


Following the creative direction of the Artistic Director, the Live entertainment producer builds a show tailored to the event. This professional envisions and brings to life innovative and captivating concepts. His role goes beyond the coordination of visual elements, extending to the orchestration of every detail, from music to lighting, thereby creating an immersive and memorable experience for participants.

Through his creativity and technical expertise, the Live entertainment producer adds a dynamic dimension to the event, from abstract ideas to exhilarating moments. Entertaining, capturing attention, delighting, humming, dancing… he evokes emotional connections and engages the audience. Singers, musicians, visual artists, dancers—a whole array of artists is at your disposal to ensure that your event remains etched in the memories of guests.

According to Anne-Laurence, a partner of LAFAYETTE DMC since 2003,

I conceived the IBA event with a mission: to surprise, amaze, and move.
The scenography, the choice of artists, and the staging showcased Paris through spectacular shows of great variety. My work involves imagining and realizing unforgettable original creations: themed soirées, dinner shows, private concerts, unique performances, according to the client’s wishes. All members of my team are passionate professionals, accompanying me with great motivation. Our goal: evoke emotions and create memories.