We intend to respect and conserve environmental resources, creating a safe and supportive work environment for all our employees, adhering to welldefined corporate values, and encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion.
We are continuously innovating, progressing and deepening our dialogue to ensure we have a positive impact on the people and world around us.

We aim to leave behind a better environmental legacy

  • Minimizing our waste footprint, and tend towards zero plastic.
  • Reducing harmful emissions wherever possible – in particular, we contract local staff, to avoid long journeys.
  • Reducing consumption of materials and promoting recycling, with a special attention to decoration items.
  • Sourcing local produce, and ensuring an ethical supply chain. In addition, when possible we donate products to local charitable causes.
  • Managing energy and water usage wisely.

Our involvement has led us to join the Paris Program for Sustainable Tourism.

We are also engaged in the program TraveLife and hope to become partners shortly.

In addition, a « Sustainable Meeting Event Protocole » has been created to take specific steps in everyday planning tasks, and we are currently verifying all suppliers CSR policy.

This process has a 4-year objective, and will allow us to have a Consistent and Quantifiable CSR policy.lanning tasks.

Some of our actions

  • Since 2018, we sort the office’s waste thanks to Les Joyeux Recycleurs.
  • At the end of the Nutanix program, all electronic equipment was donated to an association.
  • The decoration elements created for the IBA event were all recycled.
  • The internal CSR team is meeting monthly, and currently working on the TraveLife program.
  • This winter, the Paris and French Riviera teams will be participating to Ma Petite Planète, a 3-week eco-friendly challenge.