Head office of LAFAYETTE DMC, LAFAYETTE Paris stands as a lighthouse of destination management expertise, catering to discerning clientele seeking exceptional event experiences.
LAFAYETTE Paris has earned its reputation, consistently exceeding expectations with its unwavering dedication to quality and personalized service.

LAFAYETTE Paris developed in 2013 a new branch only dedicated to Events, called LAFAYETTE Event.
Would your project be focused on event functions (including rental of venue(s), catering, décors, entertainment, staffing…) this would allow us to invoice all expenses without VAT.
This invoicing process enables to avoid total VAT charges as far as the paying company is not a French company.

  • Founded in 1986.
  • Located in the heart of Paris, two blocks away from the Opera House
  • LAFAYETTE Paris specializes in event
  • Largest DMC in Paris and Northern France.
  • Team: 19 dedicated professionals with local expertise and a global network.
  • Tailored events: Meticulously aligning with clients’ objectives for seamless execution.
  • Iconic Charm: Paris dazzles with the Eiffel Tower and its 20,000 light bulbs, 82 Michelin-starred restaurants, more than 22,300 shops and with 2,300 bottles of Champagne uncorked every night in Paris Cabarets.
  • Venue portfolio: Curated range from grand ballrooms to intimate salons.
  • Designed for needs: Each venue crafted to accommodate specific event requirements.
  • Connectivity Hub: With two international airports, Paris links to 557 cities worldwide, attracting 40% of visitors for business.
  • Cultural Richness: History, monuments, museums but also temporary exhibitions and a busy nightlife: bars, restaurants, nightclubs. Paris is a hub of cultural vibrancy and innovation.
  • Innovation Center: Home to 3,000 startups, Paris leads in shaping the future and hosts the world’s first tourism-focused startup incubator.
  • Eco-Conscious Leadership: Paris prioritizes sustainability with clean transportation, reducing car traffic, and promoting green mobility options for a greener future.

Beyond Paris, LAFAYETTE Paris extends its expertise to the captivating regions of Normandy, Burgundy, Champagne, and the Loire Valley.
We’ll craft custom programs that delve into the rich history, culinary treasures, and natural wonders of these regions, creating unforgettable experiences for your clients.

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