Production Management

Our Production team combines the French artistic flair with meticulous production management, creating visually stunning and flawlessly executed events that captivate and inspire, introducing innovative and trendsetting elements to production, setting the stage for unique and unforgettable experiences.


1. pre-event planning

We clearly outline the goals and objectives of your event, understanding your expectations and requirements, while developing a detailed budget covering all aspects of your event, including venue costs, catering, entertainment, transportation, and more.
In addition, we create a comprehensive timeline that outlines all the tasks and deadlines leading up to your event.

2. venue selection and logistics

We evaluate the potential venues based on your event’s requirements, capacity, location, and facilities while ensuring compliance with local regulations. We arrange for transportation, parking, security, and other logistical needs.

3. technical production

We coordinate the setup of sound systems, lighting, and audio-visual equipment, plan and design the stage layout to enhance the overall event experience.
We hire and manage technical staff responsible for operating equipment during your event.

4. vendor management

We coordinate with catering services to provide meals and refreshments, work with decorators and designers, arrange for performers, speakers, or other forms of entertainment to create the desired atmosphere for your event.

5. staffing

We recruit, hire, and train the event staff, including ushers, security personnel, and event coordinators and develop a staffing schedule to ensure adequate coverage throughout the event.

6. risk management

We develop contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances, such as weather changes or technical failures and implement all security measures to safeguard your attendees, speakers, and assets ensuring compliance with safety regulations and emergency protocols.

7. on-site management

We oversee the execution of your event, ensuring that all elements come together smoothly by addressing any issues or emergencies that may arise during your event.

8. quality control and post-event analysis

We implement multiple processes to ensure the quality and success of your event, including post-event evaluations to gather feedback for continuous improvement.



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