Project & Operation manager

Our Project and Operation Managers have a multilingual expertise, fluent in English, fostering clear communication and a deeper understanding of our clients’ requirements, leveraging cultural insights to navigate potential challenges, and ensuring smooth operations and a stress-free experience.
Each of them shares a passion to bring new experiences and exacting attention to detail to every event they manage.


1. project planning

We develop detailed project plans outlining tasks and resources required for a successful event execution, collaborating with our stakeholders to define the project objectives, scope, and deliverables.

2. budget management

We create and manage your budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adherence to financial constraints, negotiating contracts with vendors, and identify opportunities for cost savings.

2. logistics and operations

We coordinate logistics for events, including venue setup, audio-visual requirements, transportation, and other operational aspects with contingency plans to address unforeseen challenges during events.

4. team coordination

We build and lead a team of event professionals, assigning roles and responsibilities based on individual strengths and expertise.

5. communication

As the primary point of contact for your clients, understanding their needs and expectations, we provide you with regular updates on project progress and address any concerns or changes in requirements.

6. quality control and post-event analysis

We implement multiple processes to ensure the quality and success of your event, including post-event evaluations to gather feedback for continuous improvement.

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